System Clean Up

We recently completed a very successful ‘clean up’ of a chilled water closed loop system at the BMC E3 Springvale Campus. The problems incurred at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the consequent delayed opening of their new £150m critical care building, which was attributable to pipe work problems, has heightened awareness and highlighted the need to manage your building’s heating and chilled water systems. To ensure that such closed water systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency, it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times.

home03The chilled system within E3 had significant suspended solids and a high iron content indicating that corrosion was occurring within the pipe work. The Client could not afford for the system to be switched off and it also contained a percentage of monoethylene glycol which had to be retained. Our solution was to install our side-stream filtration unit.

Cyclone Filtration Systems (CFS) are designed for side-stream filtration of closed circuit water systems for the removal of suspended solids and sludge. A side-stream flow of water, drawn from the system by the circulation pump built into our CFS unit, is pumped through the cyclone filter where suspended solids or sediment are separated by centrifugal force. The cleaned, filtered water is then returned to the system. Suspended solids collected in the filter are periodically purged to drain manually or automatically with minimal water loss.

Continuous filtration of closed water systems removes suspended solids and protects control valves and sensitive equipment from damage and blockages whilst maintaining system efficiency and performance.

We have since employed the same solution to a heating system with Actavis-Warner Chilcott in Dundalk where we have already seen significant results within the first 2 weeks.