Water Quality Analysis

• Legionella • TVC / E‐coli / Coliforms 
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
• Cryptosporidium • Enterococci 
• Clostridium Perfringens
• Chemistry Analysis • Physical tests 
• Metals • Scale and deposits • Effluents




Routine water sampling is the single most cost effective tool in determining the quality of water within your building / site. Coral Environmental cover all areas of microbiology, parasitology and chemistry sampling and we use independent UKAS accredited laboratories for analysis of same. This allows us to offer a range of microbiological analysis and chemical testing services to cover a variety of requirements. We sample a wide range of systems and water supplies to include but not limited to the below.

Drinking Water Services Cold Water Storage Tanks
Domestic Water Service Cooling Towers
Vending Machines Calorifiers & Water Heaters
Spa Baths Showers
Swimming Pools Eye Wash Units
Emergency Showers Fountains & Water Features
Humidifiers Car Washes
Effluent Borehole Water
Process Water Dental Equipment
Hot & Cold Systems Closed Systems

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