Water System Commissioning

In order to safeguard water quality and public health it is a requirement that new water supply pipes are commissioned before they are connected to mains water services. Commissioning involves flushing, swabbing and disinfection or a combination of these.

This is a Legal Requirement under the Water Supply Regulations 2009.

1.  Most if not all Clients will require evidence that this has been properly carried out before they will make or allow a new mains connection.

2.  The British Standard which deals with flushing and disinfection of water services (among other things) is BS8558: 2011.

Legal Requirement

The Water Supply Regulations 2009 specifies that after testing and flushing, systems should be disinfected in the following instances.

a. New installations (except private dwellings occupied by a single family).

b. Major extensions or alterations (exception as above).

c. Underground pipe work (except localised repairs or insertion of junctions).

d. Where it is suspected that contamination may have occurred (e.g. by sewage, animals or physical entry of personnel for interior inspection, painting or repairs).

e. Where a system has not been in regular use and not regularly flushed.

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