Water Tank Refurbishment

The Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8 (ACOP L8) states that there are certain steps that you can take to prevent and control the potential threat of Legionnaires’ disease; these include;

  • Avoid the use of materials which harbour bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the system and the water in it.
  • Control all conditions to avoid the Legionella bacteria spreading and growing.
  • Clean your system to reduce the build-up of sediments that could harbour bacterial growth.

Corrosion can lead to bacterial growth which could prove harmful within your water supply, and water tank lining from Coral is the most effective way to combat these problems of corrosion when the interior of your tank has deteriorated.

After extensive tank preparation Coral use Epo - chem™ RS 500P - Solvent-free Moisture/Surface Tolerant Epoxy Primer System that ensures two part protection on tank surfaces.

Its unique, ceramic tile - like surface deters the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms, and because it is easy to maintain and clean, the likelihood of Legionella bacteria causing problems is greatly reduced.

Regardless of the industry you work in, keeping costs down is vitally important, a signifcant cost saving can be made in comparison to replacing water tanks, not only financial savings but also in terms of time, tank location issues and disruption to your business and environmental impact.

All systems re-lines are disinfected on completion before return to service.